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Mar. 1st, 2007 | 02:52 pm
posted by: spiritandspark in overhearduk

"You left me"
"But i thought you needed some space!"
"i thought you'd left me"
"I'm sorry, i knew you had a lot on, i thought some time would be good."
"i thought you were cross with me. i thought you were punishing me."
"Oh kitten, no. No, it was nothing like that."
"But i couldnt see you."
"i know, but i wanted you to have tranquility"
"Tranquility? But all i could do was wonder if you were leaving. Wonder what i had done wrong. You know how bad i feel when you leave me alone."
"I know, i'm sorry, it was a mistake. Forgive me."
"Of course i forgive you! I love you."
"so we're ok?"
"well no, because now i need some time."
"Because now i feel silly and needy and clingy and i need some space to pull myself together."
"So, you're saying that because i wanted distance when you didnt, you now want distance when i dont?"
"Are you punishing me?"

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